Cookies Policy

1. What are Cookies? Cookies are small text files of data that are stored on your computer or other device when you visit a website. They are used to operate the website you are visiting and provide additional functionality (such as user identification, remember preferences). 2. Why are cookies used in this website? Our website uses persistent cookies and session cookies. • Session cookies: are erased after the end of your browsing on our website or/and after the closing of your web browser. • Persistent cookies: remain in your computer or in your device, either till the time you decide to erase them or for a preset time. 3. Which cookies does our website use and which information do cookies collect? Our site uses cookies for various purposes, depending on their function: • Strictly necessary: these cookies are essential for the proper website function. They allow you to browse and use website’s functions and they ensure an effective use of our website. These cookies cannot identify you. Without those cookies we are not able to provide you the efficient function of our website. Consequently, your consent is not required for the use of these cookies. • Statistic Cookies: we use cookies to collect information about the time and the way with whom visitors interact with our website, as well as for the services it offers. Detailed table with cookies we use:
Cookie Name Cookie Developer & Purpose Cookie Provider Retention Period Category
_ga Developed by Google Analytics. Used to distinguish users. Necessary for the export of visits statistics. Google Inc. 2 years Statistics
_gid Developed by Google Analytics. Used to distinguish users and learn how visitors use the website. Google Inc. 1 day Statistics
_gat_gtag_UA_167913140_2 Developed by Google. Used to throttle request rate. Google Inc. 1 minute Statistics
cookiesession1 Used by the FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) to distinguish the session of the users. Fortinet During session Necessary
jsessionid It is used by the application server to distinguish the session of the users. Piraeus Securities During session Necessary
4. How can I control Cookies?

Cookies are stored on your computer or device after you become aware of our privacy policy
and give your consent for each one of them, except for the cookies that are necessary and
do not require your consent. If you do not accept the cookies or some categories of them,
some functions of our website might not be available. Either way, you will not be blocked
from using our website.

It is at your discretion to withdraw your consent or oppose to the use of cookies on your
computer or device whenever you like, to check or/and delete cookies.

• You may change your personal choices here.

• You may delete cookies from the computer or the device you are using anytime you decide.
In this way, you withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at your computer or device.
Please note that using the cookies settings on our website, does not mean that cookies already
stored on your computer are automatically deleted.

For this purpose, please use the following link according to your web browser:

  - Google Chrome
  - Microsoft Edge
  - Microsoft Internet Explorer
  - Mozilla Firefox
  - Apple Safari (Mac OS)
  - Apple Safari (iPhone, iPad)
  - Opera
If you decide to completely deactivate Google Analytics for every website you visit and not just
for this one, follow the relevant link.	

5. Where can you find additional Information regarding the protection of the Data that cookies collect?

More Information about your Personal Data Protection, as well as for your rights
and how to exercise them, you may find in our Privacy Policy, here.

6. Where can I get further information about cookies?

Further details about the use of Cookies, as well as about the way they are restricted or rejected,
you may find in the websites below:

7. Is this policy likely to change?

This policy may be modified at any time. and the current one is always the most recent version.
We suggest you regularly refer to this page, which is effective since 12/05/2021.


PIRAEUS SECURITIES S.A. is not responsible for the references from this Policy to external
websites, for their content and services, which PIRAEUS SECURITIES S.A. cannot control nor
adopts, as well as for any damage may result from their use, as the visitor has access to them
at his/her own risk.